E/G#9 : loop“ is an animation and a societal experiment, based on an unnamed silhouette animation (first part of The First Circus, 1921. - Library of Congress) by the author Tony Sarg.

The linear, allegorical plot of our work is partly given by the source animation (prohibition themed – as an allegory of often inconsistent human tendencies towards setting up artificial sociological boundaries). The re-montage and the collaborative logic in the reinterpretation of each frame of the digitised reel constructs a completely new digital work which attributes and values the narrative poetics and the technical structure of traditional animation.

The processual nature of the new new-media method is shown through looping the three segments, each in it's own pace, interleaving with each other and sometimes even completely reconstructing the narrative. The fusion of a 95 year old idea with the glitch-tech methods pays tribute to the source – the new film revives and honours the old one.

50 authors participated in this E/G research project and generated 4332 unique frames by contributing themselves to the twodimensional artistic digital reinterpretation of designated linear sequences, without knowing the outcome and their colleagues' approaches.

The collaborative process in creating one, truly mutual work can be crisply seen in the transitions through individualities of interpretations, setting the plot outside of the format itself – reflecting numerous interactions, in an international intergenerational and interdisciplinary context, ultimately becoming the new narrative of the new film.

Shown below are the individual GIFs by each author (click the animations to see the credits). The finished work, as it will be shown on MSU media facade, as part of Animafest 2016. "Animation goes MSU" can be found here.

This endeavour was round #9 of Exquisite Glitch which was hosted by j3d1n4 and v3d.